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Central Soil Salinity Research Institute Library

Library is an instrument of self-education, a means of acquiring the knowledge and factual information while serving as a centre of intellectual recreation. CSSRI library is well furnished, fully air-conditioned and equipped with 6 computers, I server and 2UPS.. The Institute library has rare and large collection of Technical, Scientific books, Journals, Reports and other publications. The CSSRI Library possesses Indian and Foreign publications related to the fields of Water Management, Soil salinity, Drainage, Alkalinity, Water Resources, etc. The library has total collection of 15213 books including Hindi books. A separate section is maintained for Hindi books. There are 8000 bound volumes of the Journals. It has a rich collection of special publications of FAO, IRRI, UNESCO, ILRI, ICID, IFPRI, ASA, ASAE which fulfill the needs of scientists, researchers, teachers and students. It subscribes 44 National Journals.15 Journals are being received on gratis. About 160 theses on subjects relating to Soil Science, Agric. Engg., Water Management, etc. are available in the library. Annual Reports from the different Institutes, Agricultural Universities are being received from time to time.

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